Nanoleaf Skill

Started by ViViVi


My panels have NEVER worked consistently without weekly hardware reboots with Alexa but approx 1 week ago the issue has become steadily worse. I can no longer control the panels with Alexa, in the Amazon Alexa app under the device it states "sever is unresponsive". When disabling the app and re-linking I receive: "unable to link nanoleaf smarter series with Alexa"
I have been told to contact nanoleaf support by Amazon but got no response and they claim the issue is with the nanoleaf skill

I'm running firmware: 5.1.0
I have:

  • unplugged the panels countless times and replugged after 10- 30 seconds
  • logged out of my nanoleaf cloud account/logged back in
  • removed the nanoleaf skill (which I now cannot re-enable)

Thank you

Josh N

Hello @ViViVi,

Thanks for getting in touch! We do apologize for the inconvenience and especially with Alexa. We did have an issue earlier in the day but our team was able to find a fix. Can you please ensure if the issue is still existent on your end and you were on the latest App update, firmware, and OS?

Kind regards,