Nanoleaf shapes - screen mirror causing sound pop/cracks

Started by Grump


Using the screen mirror on all settings and even using ambient awareness in razer causes pop/cracking sounds from my speakers and headphones. It looks like it's some sort of interference coming from the device itself but can't pinpoint the exact cause or solution to it.
Using lighting settings that react to sounds from my p/c also causes this issue albeit not as frequently as screen mirroring.

Is there any fix to this? Screen mirroring was the main reason I wanted a nanoleaf setup.

Aliakbar Eski

Does this happen only when the screen mirror is active or when the panels are active normally as well?
If possible can you change the power socket where the Nanoleaf's PSU is connected and try again?
The device is certainly under more communication but that's in an inaudible electromagnetic frequency range, so it should not be interfering with speakers at all.

Could you send Nanoleaf support an audio/video recording if possible as well?