Nanoleaf Shapes bleeding light in corners!

Started by red__darkness__921



I recently purchased nanoleaf hexagon shapes and am very disappointed with the bleeding of white light in corners. It looks nothing like shown in the video and I honestly am disappointed with Nanoleaf since my light panels work like a charm and so I expected that level of quality would be maintained for Nanoleaf's new shapes.

Here's what the shapes look like ( and apparently there is an engineering issue at Nanoleaf which would have been nice to know before I purchased them last week. Can someone please confirm that I'm not the only one having this issue?

"The first set of Hexagons that I received had some light bleed at the corners when pale colors were selected, such as light pink, causing white light to be visible at the edges. The bleed was limited to light colors and colors close to white, and I didn't see it at all with more saturated colors.
Nanoleaf said that this was an engineering problem that was being addressed and sent a second set of panels. I still see the same issue on the second set".

Here's the article: