Nanoleaf setup on Android - stuck in connection loop

Started by dawn__cloud__427


When trying to setup my nanoleaf with my wifi it seems to connect fine - but the modal reopens right away and I am stuck in this loop and can't continue.

Anyone encountered this before on Android during setup?

I have tried multiple different 2.4hz routers.

Aliakbar Eski

Hey, so I checked with my team, and there currently is an issue with the OnePlus 7t.

Fortunately these is a work around which will get you past this one time setup step.

  1. Connect to the controller's hotspot manually through WiFi settings. In your WiFi settings the controller will show up as Nanoleaf Light Panels XX:XX:XX.
  2. Once connected, launch the app and continue with adding the device to the app as normal. You may see duplicates. In case you do, click on the one that says unconfigured.
  3. By connecting manually you should have skipped the step of getting the app to connect to the wifi, hence getting around the buggy step.

Let me know if this works.

Aliakbar Eski