Nanoleaf 'Screen Mirroring' doesn't work properly with HDR display TVs

Started by Mad Dog 666

Mad Dog 666

Hi team,

I hope you can help. I'm pretty invested in the Nanoleaf family - I have 30 Canvas and 18 Triangles and keen to expand but one of the main things I use the Canvas for is decoration around my TV using the screen mirroring function via the PC app. It feeds through to an LG 65" OLED display but with HDR enabled in Windows the Canvas colours look more pastel/faded than a true representation of what is on screen. It doesn't look great.
I've had a search on Google and others are experiencing the same thing - there's a thread on Reddit where a user says this didn't happen with desktop app versions 8.0 or previous but I can't find anything in this forum or Nanoleaf support mentioning it.

Any suggestions or a timeframe of when it could be fixed would be most welcome!