Nanoleaf panels using Link Local - Refuse to send DHCP request

Started by Askeptic


I have hard reset my controller many times with the same results each time.
When adding the panels to my network, I see them flash green, I then see them come up on my WLC. I never see the panels send a DHCP discover packet, instead it pauses for about 10 seconds and begins using a Link Local address.

Is there a way to connect directly to the controller and tell it to use DHCP / Static? In its current state, it will not be able to pair with the app or my homekit as the IP it is using is not valid.

Removing power and adding it back displays the same behavior… No DHCP request followed by going to a link local address.

I do not use port security or any MAC / Layer-2 form of security. Other devices have no issues connecting and sending DHCP discover packets. Why is Nanoleaf any different?


Is there any trick to upgrading the controller FW without being on the network? I see I am many revisions behind and reading the patch notes, it looks like Nanoleaf may of addressed this issue. Anyway to download the software and feed it to the controller when in hotspot mode?

Any advice or luck would be greatly appreciated, as of now it is pretty useless. Funny thing is, it worked fine and just quit randomly. Almost like it upgraded 1 version that had a bug and got stuck.


Update: I built out a new network from the early 2000's and was able to get the Nanoleaf to connect and update that way. After the update, the Controller will now connect to a more modern network, however it has an 80% packet loss.

Hopefully a new firmware comes out soon, however with this much packet loss it may prove impossible to update.


Update: Factory resetting connects it to the network (correct IP and all) for about 10 seconds before failing back to ipv4 link local.

Aliakbar Eski

never seen this happen before. When you say you build out a new network from the early 2000's what is different between that network and the modern network?

I have no trouble connecting it to my network here, receives an IP address from my routers DHCP server all right.


I tossed an old tp-link "router" on my switch and used it as a wifi bridge to upgrade the Nano's control panel.

I know it is a conflict between my wireless LAN and the controller because it works on older tech. It seems to be missing a feature / code to support newer tech though. Meaning, it most likely will not get fixed anytime soon, and I will need to disable features of my wireless LAN to better support it. Just trying to figure out which ones as I have pulled off most of everything I can.

I have found other threads talking about Nano's issues with modern wifi but nothing yet on what to do to make it work.


Update: I am taking this to the Ubiquiti forums as others have the same issue. While the Nano device may not properly support some newer feature, I believe this should be fixed by Ubiquiti as something is not backwards compatible. If I get an answer, I will post it here for any others who may have the same issue.

Aliakbar Eski

We have an Ubiquiti router in the office as well, and the Light Panels (and Canvas) connect to it just fine.
What model is yours?



Hi Eski,

I use a few products, however the Light Panels will work if I remove the original UAP's from the Nanoleaf path, so I do not believe it is router/switch related, just the UniFi wifi product. I see others on the UBNT forums with similar issues who have newer UAP's (Nano, AC-Pro, etc). It appears to be an issue with the later firmware revisions with Ubiquiti that cause issues with Nanoleaf devices. To me, this is a Ubiquiti issue…


Figured it out …

For those with the same issue.

I downgraded my Ubiquiti Unifi UAP's one version at a time from the current latest release (v until my Nanoleaf panels began functioning correctly.

I am happy to report, that the UAP's started working properly again at version 4.042.10433 which was released on 2019.5.18 by Ubiquiti. Anything higher breaks the communication with Nanoleaf panels.