Nanoleaf panels cannot be added after hard reset (iOS / iPadOS)

Started by iDEOwen


Hi guys,

My light panels were not responding at some moment, and after a power cycle (multiple) I still wasn’t able to control the panels.
I decided to do a hard reset (and obviously removed the panels from the App and Apple Home app). When trying to add the Light Panels, after scanning the HomeKit code… it just keep saying ‘connecting. Make sure it stays connected to power and nearby’.
I do notice the panels briefly flash green, and the Controller is connected to my WiFi network with a valid IP address… but I basically can’t use it…

I’ve tried it on my iPhone 11 Pro with iOS 13.4, iPad 2017 running iPadOS 13.4 in combination with Nanoleaf app version 4.02/4.03 and even 4.04 beta via test flight. It’s pretty annoying, and I basically can’t use it… :(

I have 2 controllers, 1 is apparently not working… the other one is still paired (but not in use due to renovation of the room).

Please help!