Nanoleaf Lines Disable Thread

Started by HiTechTLS


I have a rather complex smart home. Directly related to this issue, is my Nanoleaf lines, which is one of 3 border routers on my network. The external border routers are both HomePod Mini. They all show in the same thread network.

I have 5 thread/matter devices that all work fine when the lines are unplugged. Their information shows in HomeKit and HomeAssistant. Two contact sensors, one presence sensor, two thermal sensors.

If I plug in my Nanoleaf Lines, the entire thread network goes down, and communication stops between all 5 thread devices. I am running 9.3.2 on my lines, which is latest firmware available. The lines are responsive, but it takes down all thread devices that are properly handled by HomePods when the lines are unplugged.

Is there a way to disable thread support in Nanoleaf products, or downgrade firmware to a point before it was implemented?


I just enrolled into beta app in TestFlight and for the hardware beta. Hoping to see something in there that solves this shortly.

Reddit has endless posts about thread/matter issues going back 100 days in length, and that seems about when I recall having to unplug my lines to get the house working again.


Ended up factory resetting my lines and when it re-asked to enable thread after joining HomeKit, I’m not enabling it.


I'm interested in these kinds of things, so I'll go to the place where they're talked about