Nanoleaf Hotspot and Ethernet Hard Wirded Desktop

Started by Grayzon


Is it possible to connect Nanoleaf Panels to Desktop WiFi Adapter via Hotspot but use Desktop Ethernet for main internet connection?

My issue is that I have a terrible AT&T provided modem that wont allow full access and customization of WiFi settings so I cannot connect Nanoleaf to the wifi network. I want to connect Nanoleaf Panels to my PC to control them. I tried using the Nanoleaf Windows Pairing Tool but the hotspot was undiscovered even tho I had my wifi connected to them as a hotspot.

I'm currently only able to use my iOS device to switch off of wifi and connect to nanoleaf hotspot to change scenes. Then I have to switch wifi back to network to get data. It's extremely annoying. I'm assuming my best bet is to buy a router to connect to that is compatible with my Nanoleaf panels.

Any recommendations are welcome.



I'm pretty sure you can't use a wired connection without some crazy hacking, but you shouldn't need "full access and customization of wifi settings" to connect your aurora to your network. Just the password I believe.