Nanoleaf essentials becoming unavailable after more than 12-15~ on the network

Started by Shadoxity


Hey all,
I got 36 nanoleaf essential gu10 bulbs and the initial 6 i setup were working great.

But it seems as soon as there is more than 12-15~ online they keep randomly becoming unavailable. They become unavailable in the nanoleaf app, google home and home assistant.

I have signed up to the beta and installed the beta firmware 3.6.94, which seems to be a little better but still getting a lot of inconsistency.

Going crazy trying to just get some stable lights that respond and can be used. Any knowledge of this issue when there is more than 10 bulbs on? And any word of a fix?


Same issue on my elements, have 18 and about 1/4 of them don't work at any point in time.


I've got 9 Nanoleaf Essentials GU10 bulbs (Matter, on last official firmware: 3.5.41).

They caused my previously perfectly reliable Eve Motion (Thread, HomeKit firmware) to become unreliable. Detailed write-up at

I've got 6 Nanoleaf Essentials E27 bulbs (HomeKit aka the old version on last official firmware: 1.6.49). These have been perfectly reliable.

When are new GU10 firmwares being released?


I used to have that happen on my Matter essentials. But since updating to the beta firmware (3.6.136 as of writing), They are always available. I have one that disappears. But the other 16 are ready to go. The only issue is that they keep loosing connection to Nanoleaf app. So I have to run setup if I want to update firmware. It they are stable for Apple HomeKit.


Even with Firmware 3.6.196 GU-10s as well as A19s tend to end up in a thread net split where they do not detect they lost their "upstream" connection (a.k.a as path to a border router). When this happens while the affected device is also a router, the specific device creates a disconnected cluster. Very annoying, because it means that the matter controller cannot reach those devices anymore.