Nanoleaf canvas not pairing with razer synapse

Started by Lumpy


Hey everyone so like the title says. I cannot get my Nanoleaf to connect to razer synapse. it finds the device then makes it to the nanoleaf chroma integration screen asking me to hold power button for three seconds so it can pair and then it just gets stuck at 100 percent. if I cancel the process then every time I open razer synapse the program crashes where I have to fulling uninstall the program then reinstall it. can someone please help?


I opened up a ticket with Razer with this issue. Have seen several reports on reddit and the Razer forums with people reporting the same issue. I personally suspect it has to do with the latest firmware update from Nanoleaf has broken the Nanoleaf Module. They have told me my ticket is now with the Software Engineers at Razer.


Oh boy, i have the exact same issue, just that when my Synapse gets stuck at 100% and i try and abort the pairing, my entire Razer Synapse just breaks. I have to completely remove the Nanoleaf Module to get things back to normal