Nanoleaf Canvas freezing

Started by Tytrtle


My Nanoleaf tiles keep freezing. No matter what I do to the control panels (soft reset, hard reset, repairing), the whole array gets frozen and unresponsive. Only when I unplug the control panel from all other panels does it behave normally. As soon as I plug it back in to the rest of the lights, the control panel and the rest of the lights get frozen on one color.

I created an installation of 576 Nanoleaf Canvas tiles, two of which are control panels. I have one control panel set up in passive mode.

I’m using the Nanoleaf app on iOS. Everything is set up on a 2.4g network. The control panel firmware appears to be up to date. So far the Nanoleaf support team has been slow to respond and not that helpful.

Anyone have any ideas?