Nanoleaf Canvas freezing

Started by Tytrtle


My Nanoleaf tiles keep freezing. No matter what I do to the control panels (soft reset, hard reset, repairing), the whole array gets frozen and unresponsive. Only when I unplug the control panel from all other panels does it behave normally. As soon as I plug it back in to the rest of the lights, the control panel and the rest of the lights get frozen on one color.

I created an installation of 576 Nanoleaf Canvas tiles, two of which are control panels. I have one control panel set up in passive mode.

I’m using the Nanoleaf app on iOS. Everything is set up on a 2.4g network. The control panel firmware appears to be up to date. So far the Nanoleaf support team has been slow to respond and not that helpful.

Anyone have any ideas?


It sounds like you may have a power issue with your Nanoleaf installation. Make sure that your power supply is delivering enough power to all of your tiles. If the power supply is not delivering enough power, it could cause your tiles to freeze.
Also, make sure that all of the connections between your tiles and control panels are secure. If the connections are loose or not properly connected, it could also cause the tiles to freeze.
If these solutions don't work, then I suggest reaching out to Nanoleaf's support team again with more specific details about your setup and try to get a more detailed response.

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