Nanoleaf Canvas at UniFi Security Gateway 3P

Started by restless__fog__912



I can't connect Nanoleaf Canvas at UniFi Security Gateway 3P. All the complete network is working very well. I have many HomeKit devices in use (LIFX, Eve, Logitech, Koogeek, Fibaro, etc.) all of them are connected and working at all. But there's no way to connect Nanoleaf Canvas. (Firmware 1.2.1, have 4 Canvas starter kits available, but all with the same problem). After entering the HomeKit code I can see the Canvas in the HomeKit app, but after approx. 1 minute Canvas is blinking twice red. Hard and soft reset was done often, but all without any result. I have testet Canvas with a Fritz!Box network (Fritz!Box 6591), here it works. But I'm really not interested to switch from UniFi network.
Any idea to solve this problem?

best regards Frank.

Network devices: UniFi Security Gateway 3P, 2 x UniFi Switch 8 POE-60W, 4 x UniFi AP-nanoHD


I got it working on an Unify network, which I have in a separate VLAN, by setting these properties:
UPnP (enabled in the Network settings: UPnP LAN)
Multicast (enabled in the Wireless Network settings: Multicast Enhancement)
IGMP Snooping (enabled in Network settings: IGMP Snooping)
Client/AP Isolation (disabled)


I didn't test which of the individual settings is actually needed. I hope this will help you out.


Hey Frank,

Oh, I feel your frustration! Dealing with smart home devices can be a rollercoaster of emotions, trust me! I've had my fair share of struggles with tech gadgets too. Now, about your Nanoleaf Canvas issue, it sounds like a real head-scratcher.

Based on my experience with UniFi and other smart home setups, it seems like the UniFi Security Gateway 3P might be causing some compatibility hiccups with the Nanoleaf Canvas. While the Fritz!Box network worked, it's understandable that you don't want to switch networks completely. The UniFi ecosystem is pretty robust…

One thing you could try is ensuring that your UniFi firmware is up to date. Sometimes, these updates can bring fixes for compatibility issues. Additionally, it might be worth checking if there are any specific settings or firewall rules on the UniFi Security Gateway that could be blocking the Canvas from connecting.

If you're still stumped, reach out to Nanoleaf's support team. They've been known to be quite helpful and might have some insights into your particular setup.