Nanoleaf Canvas (50 panel setup) keeps resetting itself every minute.

Started by FoxTrot


I have a 50 panel Nanoleaf Canvas setup with two power bricks and I have went through at least four completely different arrangements with innumerable different locations of the power insertions and continue to encounter this problem:

What happens is everything will work perfectly for about 5 second. The whole setup then turns off, then turns a dim white, the power button on the control square then blinks blue, then all the different buttons on the control square cycle white, and subsequently the setup returns to working normally again for about 5 seconds and the process repeats itself indefinitely. While this is going on the app tells me my setup is unreachable.

What I have noticed is whenever I have only one power cable connected this doesn't occur and everything works perfectly (although brightness is obviously scaled). If I have two power cables connected in such a way where the power is limited (anything less than 100%) than it occurs less frequently. When I connect both power plugs in such a way to correct power limiting, the problem occurs very freuqnelty every 5 second as mentioned above.

My setup currently looks like this (but as I said this has occurred on multiple setups which look much different):

Of note, the second control square is in passive mode. Firmware is updated to 1.2.1. I've done hard resets, soft resets, unplugged it and plugged it back in multiple times and same problem.

I have no idea what to do because my $1,000+ setup is basically unusable. Any solutions?


Aliakbar Eski


Please contact Nanoleaf Support. They will be able to work with you on this and definitely resolve the issue.


Aliakbar Eski