Nanoleaf Canvas (50 panel setup) keeps resetting itself every minute.

Started by FoxTrot


I have a 50 panel Nanoleaf Canvas setup with two power bricks and I have went through at least four completely different arrangements with innumerable different locations of the power insertions and continue to encounter this problem:

What happens is everything will work perfectly for about 5 second. The whole setup then turns off, then turns a dim white, the power button on the control square then blinks blue, then all the different buttons on the control square cycle white, and subsequently the setup returns to working normally again for about 5 seconds and the process repeats itself indefinitely. While this is going on the app tells me my setup is unreachable.

What I have noticed is whenever I have only one power cable connected this doesn't occur and everything works perfectly (although brightness is obviously scaled). If I have two power cables connected in such a way where the power is limited (anything less than 100%) than it occurs less frequently. When I connect both power plugs in such a way to correct power limiting, the problem occurs very freuqnelty every 5 second as mentioned above.

My setup currently looks like this (but as I said this has occurred on multiple setups which look much different):

Of note, the second control square is in passive mode. Firmware is updated to 1.2.1. I've done hard resets, soft resets, unplugged it and plugged it back in multiple times and same problem.

I have no idea what to do because my $1,000+ setup is basically unusable. Any solutions?


What I do is always keep the brightness to around 90% or less and that solves the problem. The loss of that extra 10% brightness is no big deal and not real noticeable to me.

I’m no electrician but I think the problem is with the Nanoleaf power-supplies. They are sold as 25 watt power supplies on the website but if you look at the power unit itself it says 24 watts (at least mine do). Each square requires 1 watt so in a 25 panel setup a 24 watt power supply isn’t sufficient I’d think (again I’m no electrician).

I also purchased the 75 watt canvas power supply which fixed the problem (allowed 100% brightness without issue). Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to hide the power brick and cable in an aesthetically pleasing way.


I actually have a third power supply, because my setup is 43 tiles achieved with 3 kits (27 tiles) and 4 extension packs. Theoretically, if power is the issue, adding the third supply should resolve it… even though 43 tiles means 43 watts, quite beyond the 50W limit…
Also, did you try to contact the support? In fact, it is quite disappointing not being able to achieve what they state in the specification and go on by attempts..
Thanks, bye.


@"Aliakbar Eski"
Hello, yes, correct. To setup the two positions, I‘ve gone through the power-supply configuration tool, in the app, which finally has confirmed that the supplies are well-positioned, so that the power delivered is enough to set 100%.


I've submitted a request to the customer support, hope they can sort this out. As a matter of fact, I'm quite confused about the power needs of this equipment…

Aliakbar Eski

Sweet, if you don't get a response soon, DM me the ticket number and I will follow up.

What's confusing you about the power needs though?


Well, to install my "large" layout I've gone through the online documentation ( and and understood that the right approach was proceeding 25 tiles at a time, not mixing 25W and 75W bricks, and adding every new 25W power supply following the heat map and/or the tool in the app.

So, I've tried it first on the floor, and the system alerted me on poor locations of the second power supply by dimming the brightness to a safer level. Then I reached the green-light and mounted on the wall.

Then the issue has begun, and here in the comments I've found people telling that two power supplies are not enough, someone added a 75W in the setup and solved (reaching 100W power for 50 tiles only) and yourself using 24W for 54 panels…

Now there are two options: if the issue is that one of the two power supplies is faulty, I'm wondering why people solve with an additional power supply; if it is not faulty and it is a real low-power issue … what is the correct and final power scheme to follow? why the app reports green-light and then the controller resets? why the system just doesn't scale down to a safe mode and dim the lights ?

Thanks for supporting, I'll let you know the ticket number in case I get no answer.

Aliakbar Eski

Apologies in the delay for my response.

The fault supply can manifest its fault in a number of ways.
In most cases, it 'lies' to the controller about its ability to source power. It claims to provide 24W, but likely dies at a much earlier wattage.
Hence the confusion.

Mixing of power supplies is a completely different phenomenon. The reason we do not advise users to mix supplies is because the controller cannot control the flow of power and it's purely a function of linker and panel arrangement (and a complex one at that. It's like a circuits 101 final but multiplied 10 times).
Its likely that the 24W PSU will be overloaded and the 75W will be way under-utilized. The controller can figure that out, and reduces the power. But it cannot redirect it.

Hope this clarifies stuff up


Thanks, I got.
-> "In most cases, it 'lies' to the controller about its ability to source power. It claims to provide 24W, but likely dies at a much earlier wattage.
Hence the confusion."
And this may provoke the controller reset? Maybe near to the condition of ~40/50 panels, where both supplies should be close to the limit…
Anyway I've updated my support ticket, I've sent you the ticket number as DM, if you may give it a look.