Nanoleaf and razor

Started by Psycrow


Has anyone tryed to use the Razor chroma light kit that should work with nanoleaf.
So ur light plates can glow up with ur current game you play.

Does it actualy works well ?
Since the razor controle kit cost 80 $ i just want to hear
if anyone had succes with this ?



What is the status on the nanoleaf and razor synapse game pairing, so we can use the lights with the game we play. ?¿
The pair tool seems to be out and this tool works fine but installing synapse 2 or 3 dont show any kind of option for the nanoleafs…only phillips hue.

Also i have seen cooler master is working on some kind of box that let us do the same like razor

I just want my games " diablo3 and elderscrolls online to work with my nanoleafs..that would be cool