Nanoleaf 4D sync+ with essentials

Started by dthy


I am now using a Nanoleaf 4D and using the sync+ function with my Nanoleaf shapes, but when I pressed into the sync+ settings, my Nanoleaf essentials light strips is also appearing in the sync+ setup settings, but it is says that sync+ for essentials is coming soon, I've checked for all the updates and all my devices are on the newest updated version, I have waited the function for few months already, is this function really not yet released or it's only my device not working that "sync+ with essentials" function. I would really want to use sync+ on both my Shapes and Essential strips from the 4D.


For the 4D & Shapes, it works already, with the newest IOS Software. Not for the bulbs etc. ( It also says coming soon. what "soon exactly means, I dunno.)
But by "kind of" an accident, my bulbs are working now too.
I testet out the App called Nanosync TV (which does something totally different), not only was that App working nice, but also the bulbs where chiming in to the 4D Sync+ (I don't know why, but they do.) But for now, the App works only on Google TV's or Chromecast with Google TV 4K). In the Nanoleaf App, it still says "coming soon", but for me it works. Anyhow, if you want to try it, the App is only 2.55$, so not mutch to loose.

To the Setup 4D Cam with lightstrips, did you buy them in the complete package, or just the Camera and used Lightstrips you already had? I got the full set since months now, and the where working since day one. If you got the Cam and Strips separately, that could be the case.


Still waiting for this essential update.
My 4D camera is lying useless in a drawer.
I reached out to the support asking for any news an a release window for this update:
There is currently no news on this topic.

Maybe it is „coming soon“…