Nanoleaf 4D issues

Started by still__haze__884


When my tv is showing grey, white and purple colors the N4D always shows them as baby blue.. Also there is small light flickering going on too how do I fix these issues?


I had the same problem at first. Sometimes the 4D controller is doing strange things. The best is, to use the Phone APP, and switch to 3D, wait until you see the green line at the bottom, that says "synced to 3 D…" whatever. Then Switch back to 4D, it should work fine.
I have the 4D since 3 months now, and after some small issues, it works like a charm. Btw. make sure you have no scene on it, before switching it on and (as for me) wait with the Sync+ function. (I got Shapes and sometimes it work, sometimes not. But again, also there always use the Nano App!
I was not able to create a scene in Homekit where the Apple TV and the 4D switched on/off together.

Should you use Google TV or Chromecast 4K Adapter, there is a tool, that does exactly that and costs just 2,50$
Its called "Nanosync TV). A must have for that price.


It seems to have worked, though I just found out that just turning it off and on from the app fixes the colors on N4D but then it still becomes inaccurate with some colors and the small flickering is still there.


Where is Nanoleaf 4D HomeKit scene support?? seems like a very basic function. All I wanna do is call Nanoleaf 3D or 4D with a scene and not have to open the app and select this.