Mount with distance to wall for cable management

Started by Cousken



I want to use the Nanoleaf system for cable management. I have a wall mounted TV with a small picture shelf underneath it on which rests my Playstation. There's a thick white power cable that goes up to the shelf and then continues to behind the tv where a branch outlet is connected to it. The PS power cable goes into that outlet, so i have two cables visibly going behind the TV.

My idea was to create a Nanoleaf installation between the playstation and the TV to hide these cables, so i need to create a bit of space between the wall and the leafs (or is there a better way?). The idea i have so far is to take 1cm thick pieces of wood and screw them into the wall and mount the Nanoleafs on that.

I'm wondering if there are other solutions, perhaps if people have done similar projects and documented them online?



I am planning something similar but yes your idea is what i came up with too