Light panels flickering

Started by Psycrow


I have the light panels with the aura and last night when i woke up, then i noticed they where flickering with a dim white lights when they where powerd off. Its very faint to see but im sure they are flickering. This was a problem in 2018 when i bought em but then im sure it was a firmware fix since at some point they stopped to flicker when powered off. Now they are doing it again…any fix ?


Lights that flicker experience what is known as power fluctuations. It causes a flicker effect that is barely noticeable or strobe-like.


Hmm i tryed to hard reset the panels and disconnect the power for a whole day. This seems to have helped, but last night it looked like they did it again..How do i fix this ?


I think you can try disconnecting the power supply from the panels and wait for about 30 seconds. Then, reconnect the power supply and check if the flickering issue persists. Sometimes, a simple power cycle can resolve minor software or firmware glitches.


Yes this works for a while or some days only…so each time they are flickering then i need to power cycle…