I will remove my whole setup and sell it on ebay if there is no seriosly support, this is not acceptable for such a price.

Started by Studio_2020


I'm wondering if it's possible to install an earlier version of the android app (mine's android too). The problems started for me two weeks ago, before everything worked fine, even tough I didn't update the firmware. My firmware is still old, because I helped testing the panels for an issue related to flickering when the panels where turned off. With the input they managed to resolve that issue, but now my panels are stuck at an earlier version of the firmware (3.0.6-2 ). Updating is also impossible.

Aliakbar Eski


getting you upgraded from that firmware version is not a problem.
Can you DM your serial number to me

Not entirely certain how to get to a certain android version. I will ask my app team about it.



ok, I fixed the issue by updating the aurora's on another router, but the actual problem was a pi-hole on my network which was active during hard or softresetting the panels. Thank for helping me Aliakbar Eski!