I ordered on the website but never received my order in email.

Started by DaveVerkerk


Dear community,
On black friday i ordered a set of 15 Shapes Triangles. I payed the price through ideal payments. The money left my account i checked. But i never received an email from Nanoleaf regarding my order and or bill.
I sincerely hope someone can help me.
I allready put in a help request but havent gotten an answer sofare.
Kind regards Dave


Hi Ordered set of 15 triangles on Black Friday. Took money from visa. No emails with regards to shipping. I have emailed them. And messaged via facebook page. No reply.


I emailed them and got answers. For my entered a wrong email account. Turned out my outfil keypad used my old email and i didnt see it. Email them with all your contact info and a print screen of your bank payment. For me it worked. Succes!