How to factory reset the nanoleaf shapes hexagons?

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I got a nanoleaf shapes starter kit and i would like to reset them to the factory default.. how to do this? The instructions for the other nanoleafs doesnt seem to work.

Aliakbar Eski

  1. Unplug from power. In this case unplugging from the Shapes layout is sufficient. Just the controller should not be connected to any kind of power source.
  2. Place 2 fingers on the power and brightness UP ('+') button
  3. While holding your fingers on those 2 buttons connect the controller back to the layout (and to a power source)
  4. The controller will power up (power let does a blue blink). Wait until all the LEDs turn on.
  5. Remove your fingers from the 2 buttons the moment the 5 LEDs on the controller light up.
  6. If successful, the LEDs will flash, indicating that a factory reset will now be performed. Controller will be up and running in about 2-2.5 mins

Hope this helps