How to achieve seamless mosaic of LED display

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I Solve the visual defects in which the spliced picture is segmented
Throughout China's current large-screen splicing system, many display screens still have more stitching seams in the work. Even if LCD, DLP, and PDP technologies are applied in engineering, only the gap can be reduced, and it cannot be completely eliminated. The seamless LED Billboards Advertising splicing technology can completely solve the problem of screen segmentation and achieve full seamlessness.
With seamless LED splicing technology, the screen resolution can be improved in a small area, ensuring the texture of the picture and satisfying the needs of users for close-range viewing. Compared with the existing splicing technology, Full Color LED Signs physical seamless splicing enables cross-screen display. For seams, the level of the seam is not the size of the gap, but the problem of whether the gap exists. In this technique, point-by-point luminance and chrominance correction techniques are generally employed, which ensures uniformity of luminance and chrominance. For example, the application of point control technology creates a platform for the user to correct the chromaticity and brightness point by point, and controls the pixels of the screen to achieve high image restoration. This technology also has SMS and E-mail prompt function, which enables the user to grasp the status information of the video wall in time.
II Intensive display and control platform
Seamless Stage background LED Display technology uses an intensive display and control platform to ensure the reliability of surveillance video sources, create a management platform for customers, and effectively realize the management of video signals, computer signals, and network signals, providing users with better service.
III Powerful and signal-rich redundant backup design
In the design of the seamless LED system, the redundancy of the power supply and the signal is backed up, which can reduce the problems in the use process.
Long life, easy maintenance, ultra-low cost
Programmable Led Message Board have a long life span compared to conventional displays, and their maintenance and repair costs are relatively low.
IV Large angle, ultra high contrast, ultra high refresh rate
A large viewing angle is provided in the project and the phenomenon of reflection is prevented. When the screen is taken, the state is relatively stable, and the dynamic display screen, the edge of the image is clear, and the dynamic expression is good, and the image information is accurately and truly restored. Make the video picture smooth and smooth, and bring the greatest visual enjoyment. In addition, it is particularly pointed out that the brightness uniformity of the LED screen is excellent, and the single-point brightness correction is matched to make the brightness uniformity of the whole screen tend to be extreme.


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Creating a seamless mosaic of LED displays involves careful planning, precise installation, and often requires the use of specialized equipment and software.