How to access to Nano leaf panels through HTTP ?

Started by aznelite89


I had checked the documentation but unable to find a way to access to Nanoleaf, what I got is the JSON structure on documentation , anyone could point out the way for access to Nanoleaf light panels , eg: 192.188.x.x/…/api/v1/… is there any standard link ?


You can access the API using anything that can make HTTP calls. A great way to get started is using a tool like Postman (

The first thing you need to do is generate an authorization token (section 6 of the Open API documentation) by holding the on-off button for 5-7 seconds, and then sending a POST request like this (substituting the IP address for your Aurora controller):


The result returned will be an 32-character authorization token that you will use in all of your subsequent calls. For example, to retrieve the panel layout, you'd send a HTTP GET request like this (inserting your authorization token):


I hope this helps you get started.