How do I create islands in my design

Started by Spawnreaper


I have a design that is composed of several islands of nanoleaf shapes hexagons. I want to connect the panels by using flex link cables (if needed extended) to connect the islands together. Now in the layout assistant this is possible by removing(moving) interlinking panels to create space between. This seems to work in the assistant by I do not know how to change it in the actual panel setup or orientation space. Can someone tell me how to accomplish my design?
I have a picture of what i designed but dont see an upload button.


My plan features a number of hexagonal nanoleaf-shaped islands. In order to link the panels together, I plan to use flex link cables, which may be lengthened if necessary. Now you may do this in the layout assistant by breaking up connected panels and rearranging their placement. This appears to function in the assistant, but I have no idea how to modify it in the panel's actual configuration or orientation. Please advise me on how to implement my plan. monkey mart


I executed my plan and created the design I wanted spanning cables over the space of several 3d printed dummy panels.
But since this is not a supported feature and the unmodified flex cables are to short to create any interesting design, the software does not support this mod. (modding the cables is actual pretty easy once you get the hang of it.)
I hope that nanoleaf at some point give a bit more freedom options in the app to allow this. Maybe they even will create longer flex cables in the future that allow for more creative freedom in the designs. But to be honest im not holding my breath.
At the moment I am just happy that the hex pannels are functioning stable and hope the essential line will be controllable in via google home in the future.