HIDDEN WIFI problems again with 6.1.2

Started by DON


I recently updated to 6.1.2 FW and they won`t connect to my hidden SSID 2,4ghz Wifi.
I had this problem earlier on some old firmware, but in 5.24 it was ok.

Why is this error "unfixed" again ?!

Aliakbar Eski

Hey @DON, apologies that this is occurred. This has already been fixed in a future firmware release. It should be out in a few weeks.

Aliakbar Eski

Aliakbar Eski

Hey @DON , sorry about that. I recd your PM and we were actually working on getting you a fix instead of downgrading you to a previous firmware.
Please connect your controller to a non-hidden hotspot network with internet and it should prompt you in the app for an update.

thank you for being patient with us, but I did not just want to downgrade, rather I wanted to upgrade you to a better firmware.
And yes, we explicitly tested connecting to a hidden hotspot before we pushed it to your controller.

Aliakbar Eski


Hello out there. I unfortunately have the same issue like DON. Can you say approximately when the next firmware update will be available?


I also currently have nanoleaf shapes with firmware 6.1.2, but I can not connect it to my hidden wifi. neither with an android phone nor with an iphone.

is there a general update in sight or should this be solved with 6.1.2?


Hello, the same has happened to me. It doesn't work with Alexa anymore. When will the next update be out? It has been a couple of weeks.


I have, with my recently purchased ELEMENTS set, the same problems. Since FW version 6.1.2, it no longer connects to my hidden SSID network.


My Canvas cant connect to wifi at all after the 6.2.3 update…
Been working great for the past year, until the 6.2.3 update.
Support is aware, but they really take their time

Aliakbar Eski

Hey @Neph Somehow your tag fell through the cracks.
This issue was not released as a fix in 6.2.3. However, in the latest 6.3.1 firmware this fix has been released

Sorry about the confusion, but yeah, feel free to DM me incase you don't find me responding here. DMs send me a direct email.



Hey @phrazle As I upgraded to FW 6.1.2, they stopped connecting to my secret 2.4 GHz Wifi network. This was an issue for me in previous versions of firmware, but not in 5.24.