Google Home doesn't receive new scenes

Started by Vreesie


I am using my Nanoleaf light panels with my google home. Now in the Nanoleaf app, I created a dynamic scene and a static color scene. Then I synced everything with my nanoleaf cloud account, so when I go to the Google Home app and link my account, I get my Nanoleaf panels and they can be controlled. However, I am still only seeing old scenes I had, which I removed a while ago. I already tried "Ok Google Sync Nanoleaf" and she responded with "Syncing Nanoleaf", but no new scenes are showing up. I also unlinked my account in the Google Home app, power cycled the Nanoleaf Panels and signed out/in in the Nanoleaf app, but none of those worked. How can I fix this?


This could be related to a syncing error and I would therefore suggest the following steps:

  • power cycle the Controller (unplug and plug back in)
  • Logout of your Nanoleaf account in the app and log back in
  • unlink your Nanoleaf Account in Google Assistant and re-link

If this issue still persist, you might need to re-pair the Light Panels to the Nanoleaf app.