Flickering when turned off and or set to black

Started by Frunobulax


Has anyone else noticed in a dark room that the lights flicker randomly at very low luminosity when they are supposed to be off. I tried setting them to black and leaving them on but the same thing happens. The only way to stop it is to unplug the power.

Will Simpson

Hello, My Nanoleaf is doing this as well, when I’m sleeping at night the panels are flickering and my Nanoleaf is not even turned on. I have 21 panels on the wall, I’ve contacted Nanoleaf support, Don’t know what else I can do. I’ve been told my Nanoleaf that their are 4 other people having the same problem as me.


I've replaced mine 3x and all did the same thing. I'm certain it's a flaw in the product. They need to sort this out, not sure if it's something that can be fixed with a firmware update - something at the software level that properly disables power to the panels - or if it's a hardware flaw that we have to live with. Hopefully it isn't a fire hazard. I'm not interested in creating a support ticket just waste an afternoon resetting the module and discovering 100 different ways it still exists. I've done all that. If the peeps at nanoleaf would simply run a proper test in pitch black setting and wait for their eyes to adjust they will discover all their products do this. The slightest light bleed from other rooms or sources will nullify the ability to see the flicker, even looking straight at it does this because it is so subtle, but with averted gaze (as in stargazing, where the peripheral vision is much more light sensitive) it is impossible to ignore or miss.

This product is great in concept but I've backpedaled on recommending them to anyone and won't be expanding my collection.

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Have the same issue with mine makes it very annoying at night when I want to sleep. I was suggested to unplug it but then it would have to reconnect all the time


Have the same problem with mine, super small issue, but if you once seen it it’s really annoying

Jake Larson

Experiencing the same issue. Its such a dim almost unnoticable flicker when the lights are set to black or “off.” Its easier to see with peripheral vision. It seems to flick once per maybe 1-1.5 seconds repeatingly. I’m not really concerned about the nuicance it could cause but I am concerned about it’s life expectancy. I would prefer not sending it back. Any updates to this? I have simple smarter kit with the original 9 panels.


Support say, it is an Hardware issue. Here The Statement :

Wir haben nun einige Aenderungen an der Hardware vorgenommen. Die neuen Panels sind gerade in Produktion und werden an einige Testpersonen naechste Woche versendet. Abhaengig vom Resultat kann ich Ihnen dann ein update geben und weitere Schritte mitteilen.


This is happening to me as well. Accompanied by an audio static sound, which only happens during the episodes of flickering. Is this a potential danger? I have it hanging as my headboard for my bed- any chance of an electrical overload or equivalent that I should be concerned about? (Beyond it being freak’n annoying?)


Same here and warm is it also … Danger i think and hope we became quick a fixed new modell …
tüv and VDE and CE Test will be not positive with this symptoms. Nanoleafe must call back and change the faulty units.


Same here…My 15 panels are also flickering, but i can only see this in the nights..hmm
Is this only happening in the night perhaps and why ?


Same problem here, but i have it with other lights aswell.. It hasn't really anything to do with the software I guess and I am afraid It can't be fixed.. youtu.be/caxb9N1N9Fc is a video that briefly explains the problem.. It should have been prevented by Nanoleaf imo. I'm also curious if it influences the lifespan of the panels because if they are still "on" while being off they would be on for like 24 hours a day wich make you reach the 20k+ hours lifespan way quicker.


My power plug are not overloadet or dusty since its a brand new power cable and powerplug i just bought for these lights. and they are flickering in some kind of pattern
My panels are blinking low dim like 2-3 seconds and then there is a pause for 1 sec and then they blink again for 2-3 seconds..like this pattern 24 h

Also nanoleaf should replace us all with a new power box when they fix this.
Its a warranty issue or else we all should RMA our panels and get the money back and then wait to buy new ones until they fix it.

Not to change the subject but have anyone tryed to reboot the router or power if off/on and see if the app still is connected on or mobile ?

On my samsung j5 i need to delete the device found in the app and search for it again and type in the pair code in order to reconnect to the app again..annyoing asf


I'm also having this problem on both my Aurora's.. one with 6 and he other 18

You'll only see this in a dark room. Very obvious in my bedroom. Latest public firmware.


They are aware of it and they are working on some new plates since they think it is the plates that needs a redo.


Same issue. Just purchased the Aurora Rhythm 9-pack Starter Kit. I’ve had them for two days and the lights have begun flickering faintly when off. I’m going to buy a smart switch tomorrow so that I can shut off power to them at night from my phone. I am hoping this is a software issue not a hardware issue.


Its a hardware issue so that wont work. I talked alot with the support.
all we can do is wait and hear or see what they will bring us as replacements.

You can ofc just shut the power off completly at ur power outlet, but when you power the light on again, then they start to boot up each time and glow white for 10-20 seconds..how annyoing is that..and you can even risk it will mess up the app software connections.


I have the same problem. I found a workaround solution. At night, I remove the nanoleaf controller from the Nanoleaf, and plug it back in in the morning. Seems to fix the issue without causing the panels to reset.