Downgrade to 3.3.1

Started by solitary__resonance__167


Hi community,

maybe someone is able to provide any way to downgrade from 3.3.3 to an earlier firmware version?

Background: Since upgrade to 3.3.3 of the firmware Alexa is unable to communicate with the panel anymore. All other ways like desktop app, apple home kit and nanoleaf app is working fine…


Aliakbar Eski

I would rather we solve this problem on 3.3.3 rather than downgrade to 3.3.1
Have you opened a support ticket?

I assume you have followed the basic troubleshooting steps, and will not repeat them here. In case you haven't support will be able to guide you through them.

I will ask one stupid question though. The controller is connected to a network that is connected to the network right?



Me too, normally… But there is no progress on the ticket (48659) all the time and only basic questions - like a bot.
I already done the logout/login, rediscover up to a hard reset.

As far as I see it's about the FW 3.3.3 - All other tools are working fine with the panel so I could assume that there is maybe something with my DSLite NAT solution on my internet provider that nanoleaf can't connect over the cloud?

To get the panel back to work with alexa a downgrade is the only way forward from a customer point of view.

Every support is welcome :)

Aliakbar Eski

I hear ya, mate.
Your ticket is bumped to a tech guy now.
Incase the ticket does not have the serial number of the device, can you send it over?