Do schedules work only while the phone with the app is on the network?

Started by bold__bush__989


I have a set of triangle shapes and am trying to set them to turn on and off according to a schedule. I have set schedules in the Android app, but the panels never follow it.

The only common denominator is that my phone is not on the same network when the panels are supposed to turn on and off. The panels are installed in a place where I rarely go, and never at those times.

But is that really how it's supposed to work, or am I doing something wrong? It seems to defeat the purpose if I had to always be there for them to follow the schedule.

Shapes FW version 9.4.1
Android app version10.6.1

Aliakbar Eski

No, the panels are supposed to execute schedules completely on their own. Are the panels connected to a network that has internet?

Aliakbar Eski