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Good day,

Could you look at my ticket 66810 that i opened yesterday? I recently got the 9 nanoleaf lights yesterday and it didnt even last one day before i got issues with it. First of all, it was a pain to connect the nanoleaf with my oneplus 5T (android 10). After multiple tries and some googling, I was able to finally connect it. Afterwards, I was able to change colors but the app kept saying "this lights is not responding…". I was whatever but then after 2 hours, I noticed that the lights didnt rotate at all and when I tried to press the switch button, it wouldnt change. I tried to soft reset / hard reset / unplug / plug you multiple times and the lights just wouldnt switch and now the light is stuck at white. I can see that the app is trying to change scenes but the panels arent.

Fast forward the next day (today), now the controller is not even lighting up even after unplugging and plugging back in. Whenever i press the switch or the power button, i see some light panels flickering on and off. I have to say i'm very disappointed in this expensive product and i want an exchange right now. I will give you guys the benefit of the doubt and say that i got unlucky that it broke on me.

Aliakbar Eski


Apologies that this has happened. I have messaged my CX team to look into that ticket immediately and get you an exchange.

I will keep a tab on the situation of this ticket.


Aliakbar Eski

I heard back from my CX team that they have responded on the ticket, a bit later after you posted here. They are offering you a full exchange of the controller, panels and the PSU, the whole set basically.

Once again, really sorry that this happened. I am quite certain this is a defective piece and the exchange should be unto expectations. But incase you run into issues feel free to reach out through customer service as well as DM me here