Cant connect via python

Started by MT_07


Hello, i am trying to connect to the Nanoleaf Rythm Edition. It works fine over the IOS App. For my project i need to use python though. I imported Nanoleaf and Aurora vom Nanoleaf, but if i run: "setup.find_auroras()" i get the following return "Starting discovery. This will continue for 30 seconds.
Discovery complete, but no Auroras found!" Any help would be great :)


I'm not sure which python package you're using, but I suspect it's this one: That library performs discovery over SSDP, and I saw some notes in the source that this is unreliable. I've gotten mDNS working reliably using my Rust crate: If you build you could use it to determine at least the IP address of your Aurora, however it may change if you can't set a static IP. You can use Wireshark to debug what's going wrong with the SSDP discovery on your network.

Aliakbar Eski


I would also check if your router is blocking traffic on UDP Port 1900.
SSDP traffic might be blocked on your network by default, which is required for discovery.