Cable management solution - turn it into a sculpture

Started by Deborah


Even though I completed this project two years ago, maybe some of these ideas will help others.

When I first saw the Aurora light panels, I thought they would be perfect for my undecorated kitchen island. In addition I wanted to incorporate aluminum wall art with the panels. I also wanted to tackle another problem: install some shelving to use for charging smart phones, so wires wouldn't dangling down from the top counter.

My main living area is a great room concept where the living room, dining room, and kitchen are all in one space. The main vantage point of the panels is from the dining area. The kitchen island has walls on three different planes. I figured I needed four lights sets to achieve the look I envisioned. This was before the flexible connectors existed, so I had four sets of power cables to deal with. I couldn't come up with an idea of how to hide them, so I decided to turn them into a sculpture.

There's an outlet in the middle of wall. I ran an extension cord up to a shelf just under the top counter. On the shelf I put a power strip with USB ports. For each power cable set, I used three small cable turtles to wind the power cords around. I used dowels to thread the cable turtles onto to form towers. I stacked the power bricks and use some adhesive tape so they would stay together. I put two empty cable turtles on top so it would hide some of the cords. In front of the extension cord, I hung an aluminum wall art panel. It is highlighted with a USB LED puck light that is taped to the bottom of the shelf. For the smartphone charging, I installed shelves on either side to hold USB wireless charging pads. Just below the top counter, I used 3M Command Clear Small Wire hooks to keep the cords close to below the counter. It helps that the walls are white and so are the cables.

Here's a list of products I used:
14 small white Cable Turtle Organizers
Satechi Aluminum 4-Outlet Home/Office Power Strip with 4 USB Ports
6' extension cord
Statements2000 24" x 10" silver panel
USB LED puck light with remote control
1 ZACK Linea brushed stainless bathroom shelf - 18.3" x 5.3"
2 ZACK Linea brushed stainless bathroom shelves - 10.43" x 5.12"
2 USB wireless charging pads
3M Command Clear Small Wire hooks


This is a cool idea, I made an adjustable 3D ceiling light with 12 of my panels. I'll post an image/clip later.