Aurora + Hue / wall switches

Started by macavity2018


Sorry, newbie alert - can't believe that nobody has asked these questions, but couldnt find any answers in the forum.

I just received my Aurora starter set - question 1: how do i connect to Philips Hue?
question 2: is there any possibility of controlling the Aurora via a wall switch?

(as far as I know, the Philips hue switches won't work, and just using a regular switch - i.e. just 'power on/off' - will send Aurora into bright white/reconnect)



I actually am trying to accomplish something similar. I want to hit a wall switch and turn on/off the lights(replace my room lights) but I can't find any wifi switches that can control other smart devices at the same time. Closest I could come was to configure 2 amazon alexa buttons to On and Off buttons, but the buttons can't act as a toggle (1 button can't turn it on if it's off, and off if it's on) so it's kind of inconvenient/useless.



You can probably do this with a regular wall switch and an arduino or raspberry pi, though I can't say I have tested this myself.



Yeah, there's a few smart things that I've thought about creating myself. I've wanted to mess around with the raspberry pi, just haven't done it yet. I want someone to create a wall switch to control smart devices through alexa or the hub.