Android: Unable to turn on auto-brightness or adjust function assigned to gestures

Started by iSEEu


Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android 10, Nanoleaf App version 5.1.3
Nanoleaf Canvas: Firmware 1.6.4

When in the dashboard clicking on what looks like the setup icon in the top right corner (picture of 2 sliders) I immediately get an error that says "This light is not responding. Check that it's powered on and in range". I'm therefore unable to do anything on this screen like configure touch gestures or turn on auto-brightness. The thing is, I know I have a good connection because I can manually adjust the brightness or choose a scene in the Discovery screen.


Any news on this problem? My son's nanoleaf is also affected by this error!

Problem with following devices : Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2XL and Google Pixel 4a

Aliakbar Eski

Just heard back from the team. It's been fixed and will be released soon. Its undergoing testing right now.

So the wait is almost over