Android App Won't Open

Started by wtf


(I assume this is related) I was experimenting with the API and added a custom effect. The Android app crashed and will not open now (spins a few seconds and crashes). This is still occurring after deleting the new effect, and if the devices are unplugged. The API seems fine and I can change effects, etc.



Hi there, I suspect that the custom effect built with the API may have created something the app cannot handle yet.

We can look further into this issue if you email us more info at [email protected]

Send us your serial number (located on the back of your controller) and the custom effect name/info you're having trouble with.

In the meantime, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If this does not work, let us know, too. We'll do our best to resolve this issue.



I did uninstall/install the app and it did not help. I will send the info for my controllers. It did install and login on a different phone but I did not attempt to sync the devices.



The same problem i had with mobile recorder on Android.