Android App Power On Aurora on App Start

Started by Ta Lun

Ta Lun

If i Start the App every Time the selected Aurora will Powered on by the app.

If you only have one its maybe ok but I have more then one and the app will remeber the lasst choosen one.

So at last time I choosed the Aurora 3 and now I want to power on the 1.

I start the Nanoleaf App
Power off Aurora 3
Power off Aurora 2
And then finaly the 1 get power on and all fine.

This is a very bad usability for me and I hope you will fix it. If i start the App maybe I want to make something or only want to look all my auroras powered off?

So the app cost me Time and make noch fun.

Ta Lun



Hi @"Ta Lun",

Thanks for reporting this. What you described should not be the case and sounds like a bug.

To clarify, are your Auroras turning on automatically when you navigate to the card in the app?

I will pass this onto our team for further investigation.


Ta Lun

Hi Jennelle,
yes. This is only happend if I start the app new. If they is in standby and I start the app it works fine.



@"Ta Lun", we were unable to reproduce the issue on our end. Do you have any more details about what kind of Android phone you are using, the Android version, and the App version? It may also be best to reach out to us at [email protected], so we can communicate more directly.