Android App: Download saved effects

Started by wtf


From the Android app, with a single device, you can create new effects and save to device. But there doesn't seem to be a way to download, load, or save those effects for other devices. Is this correct? You CAN download featured effects to all devices.



Hi there,

Effects can be saved or loaded across other Auroras, but it is a little hidden.

On the page with your scenes listed, there should be a small right arrow (looks like this ">"). It's a small tap target but if you hit it, it will bring you to an editing page.

Tap "Edit" on the top right corner and if you have multiple devices paired to your Home, they will be listed with checkboxes. Select the devices you would like to download the effect to. Save your changes by tapping "Done". Head back to your Scene list. When you tap on the scene, it should now activate on your selected Auroras.

We are working on bettering this interaction and we are open to suggestions.



OK, thanks. I did tap on the right arrow at some point but must not have done the next step. I know the 'download' button lists the devices too.



@wtf, this is actually not possible for the moment through our native app. We are thinking about better ways to accomplish this. Note that static (transition type: "none") Effects cannot be easily transferred due to layout considerations.



This is possible through the API, however. Retrieve the effect details, modify the json you get back to include the add command, and then you can put that on another aurora.

There is a python package to help do that.

effect = first_aurora.effect_details("Effect Name Here")
effect["command"] = "add"

This is admittedly fairly messy, since you still have to modify the raw json data. This will be improved in the future, but the above snippet of code should work for right now.