Adding OpenThread devices to my Nanoleaf Thread network

Started by concept0815


Hi community,
I have a Thread network with the Nanoleaf Elements as a Border Router and various Nanoleaf Essential products connected. Now I would like to add third party devices (development kits with OpenThread) to this network.
From the Android App I can see:

  • Network Name
  • Channel
  • PAN ID
  • Extended PAN ID
  • Master key

However, it seems I am missing something. What is the Mesh-Local Prefix? And is there a provisioning credential. I can join my OpenThread devices to an OpenThread border router based on a rasperry pi.
Thanks for the help in advance!

Aliakbar Eski

you can simply feed the Thread Network data into the operation dataset on your open thread dev kits and they should join the network. This is called out of band commissioning.

Hope this helps


@"Aliakbar Eski" Thanks for the reply. I did try to use the available data, but it seems not to work. When I do out of band commissioning for the open thread router I also add the mesh-local prefix. bot sure if that is required but in that case it works.