4D issues (any solutions?)

Started by pmbooks


New product is bound to have some wonky issues. Wondering about a couple of things: Is there a workaround to turn off the lights automatically turning on every time I arrive home (rather than every time I turn the television on)? It's really annoying. I suppose I could unplug the whole unit—that would not be fun and render the 4D useless in my eyes. Secondly, is there any way to have it remember the setting (the brightness level, for example)? I have to go into the app EVERY SINGLE time to readjust down to the level we prefer. I am NOT liking the new 4D so far. Maybe my unit is not functioning as it should, though. Thoughts anyone? (BTW, I've written a few emails to tech support and have heard crickets…no, not even crickets, in response.)


Hey pmbooks: same issues here.

I got a message from Shiela (tech support) saying: "Please perform a soft reset on the controller by holding the Power + Color Scene button on 4D"

I wrote back saying it did not solve the lights issues (automatically turning on and defaulting to 100% brightness).

She then wrote back: "That’s amazing! I’m glad everything worked out and your issue has been resolved. I am going to mark this ticket as solved…"

Say wha? Not sure what's left to do besides finding ways to share my frustration on social media. I'd rather Nanoleaf help solve the issues, but…



  • If I understand correctly, you are trying to make a schedule using the app to turn it on? Are the schedules in the app failing?
  • And what do you leave the 4D unit prior to turning it off? Do you leave it off to a screen mirror mode or a scene?

I am happy to discuss this on a call too or DM if you want to have more in depth discussions


I am guessing you have the same issue with brightness not being remembered? Are you keeping it on the screen mirror mode or scene?

-PM at Nanoleaf