2 problems again

Started by Psycrow


My first problem is that the aura Light panels i first bought are still flickering when powered off.
When i remove the power cable and install it again, then the flickering stops for some days until it gets worse again.

Then my lines starts to show a warning sign regarding my power connected.
I got 36 lines connected with 2 power adapters as im told to use.
And this use to work fine until recently.

Now it says 80 % brightness. So i removed 4 lines and then the warning sign disapers.
So im down on 32 lines, but when i install 1 more line then i get the warning sign back again and im on 80 % again.

Im getting a new add on power adapter and i hope it fixes it.

Another guy on reddit i spoke with had the same problem

He said this :
One power supply should be able to power 18 lines. With that being said two should be more than enough for you. I have 18 lines and one power supply and with this recent app update it's telling me that I have the same issue. It's a bug that I hope will be addressed


When will the new firmware update regarding the power bug for the lines ?