2 Problems

Started by Psycrow


When i want to set schedules for my shapes in the nanoleaf app then it crashes, but if i want to make a schedule for my lines or old nanoleaf light panels, then it works fine, but as soon i need to sellect the shapes, then the app crashes.

My old nanoleaf light panels 1.0 dosent understand the winter/summer time. So now i need to set the timer after the old clock with 1 h behind the real clock. So if i need to power em on 18.00 then i most set the time to 17.00..

Both of these problems has been like the same every year.


The version 1.0 of my nanoleaf light panels has no concept of seasonal changes. I must now adjust the timer to follow the old clock by one hour relative to the current time. The time must be set to 17.00 if I need to power em on at 18.00.
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It was 1 year ago but my panels works fine today. Try and hard reset and soft reset ur panels.
Then install em again with the pair code in the app.