1/2 unreachable via network then unable to pair again

Started by raybies


2-3 weeks my normal schedule for 2 instances of Canvas started at different times.
Additionally I noted that my Stream Deck was unable to control the Canvases.
Alexa and the App where able to control the Canvases.
DHCP server (opnSense box) showed status as off-line, they're in the same VLAN as ALL my other IoT devices (62) which work flawlessly.

With 1 unit I tried a soft reset, I could pair via the app, but no change from above.
Tried hard reset.
After 3 days and MANY hours I have been able to pair the Canvas and Andriod App.

Please adivse.


Josh N.

Hello @raybies,

Thanks for bringing this up, I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. I would be happy to help look into this for you - could you confirm the following:

  • Was it working well before?
  • Did this start happening after an update?
  • Are your Nanoleaf Canvas on the latest Firmware?
  • Is your App version and device OS version up to date?

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,



@"Josh N." I had a similar issue.
It boils down to the fact, that the Nanoleaf Canvas updated to FW 6.2.1 automatically and without myself even been asked for.
During that update Nanoleaf changed its MAC address itself. That triggered that the router assigned a new IP Adress (and not using the fixed assigned one).
I was similar puzzled that my setup did not work from one day to another.

It took me a while figuring out that a FW update caused all this; plus it brought additional bugs in on top, e.g. that ssdp does not provide an IP Adress.

Not something I was very happy about…


Aliakbar Eski

The SSDP issue has been resolved and will be in the next firmware release.