Nanoleaf Canvas not responding

Started by kingja3


I received my Nanoleaf Canvas 2 weeks ago and can't get them to work reliably with HomeKit. The Nanoleaf Light Panels I have installed next to it works perfectly.

Most of the time when I try to activate a scene using Home or the Nanoleaf app the connection will fail. I've already received a replacement control unit that displays the same issues.

Also i've bought a second Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit to try and it has the same problems.

What I've already tried:

  • My friends wifi network (and different homekit setup)
  • Factory resetting a couple of times
  • Changing all kinds of wifi/network settings (power, bandwidth, dhcp range, basically everything I could think of on the wifi side). I'm using a Unifi wifi network.

Does anyone of you recognize these problems with the Nanoleaf Canvas or maybe have some kind of solution? I suspect this is a software issue but i do now know if any update is incoming.


Marre NL

I have same issue. Only workaround is to reboot Canvas but this helps just for a short period of time and then this issue is back. It seems that Canvas freeze, so I don't think that it is only related to wifi or HomeKit. Try to disable scene sync, it make Canvas little more reliable too.



I'm in contact with the Nanoleaf team to further investigate this matter.

For now I found that when only using Basic/Static Colors scenes the problem disappears.


a mole

same here, exactly as you describe…